The Longest Noodle in the world

2017-12-22 17:10:03

"We like to eat cakes on birthdays nowadays, but eating long noodles is the most important thing for Chinese. A long noodle is a symbol of long life in Chinese tradition, and the longest noodle record attempt was one way for the company to wish the elderly a long and healthy life," – Lei Xueqian, Head of Marketing, Xiangnian Food Co. Ltd.

In this year, we noticed that there are many Chinese traditional food has become more and more popular all over the world, such as dumpling, steamed buns, noodles and others. Especially the noodle has been a significant part of Chinese Food Culture, which means that this type food represents the Chinese culture, history and sprite. Also, there are many Chinese noodles restaurants have been opened all over the world, some oversea Chinese have established noodles manufacturing business abroad due to Chinese noodle has been accept by the world people.

Therefore , when the Double Ninth Festival Chinese traditional Elders Festival was coming ( 28 October 2017 ), Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd. planned an event "Longest noodle in the world ", which means that we focused on breaking a new record at GWR ( Guinness World Records ) for Longest Noodle record. The reason we chose this date to make the long noodle is that it means " better luck " and " longevity in Chinese Culture. We broke the record in GWR and the new record reached at 3084.32 meters for one noodle after 24.5 hours cooking time. During this event, we invited 99 elders and several foreigners as the witnesses to observe the whole processes and eat this unique Longest noodle in the world.

This incredible event has attracted many media not merely domestic medias but also international medias. Meanwhile, this leads a trend for discussing and praising Chinese Food in Twitter following the reported by People ' 5 Daily.